I spit out my sweet tea laughing at this headline....Mayor Bill de Blasio actually claims that if he is elected as president, he will sign an executive order for female athletes to be paid the same as male athletes.

First of all, bless his heart. He is too dumb to realize he is dumb...or perhaps he actually smart and preying on the people too dumb to realize the flaw in that idea.

  1. Sports organizations are not government-run. They are privately funded.
  2. Men's sports, soccer for example, bring in  substantially more money than women's sports.

Why would women be paid equal to men in a sport where they are not generating nearly as much revenue? They literally make a certain percentage of their profits. Where is that unfair?

New York Post reports: 

De Blasio, speaking on CNN before the ticker-tape parade in the Canyon of Heroes for the US women’s soccer team, said he would insist that Congress pass an amendment to the Amateur Sports Act “requiring equal pay for men and women in all of our national sports teams.”

“They are heroes in more than one way,” de Blasio said of the U.S. Women's soccer team, “These women are not just heroes on the field, they are leading a discussion in America and demanding change we need.”

Nevermind the fact that they don't even bring in half the revenue that the men's team brings in...but hey, "equality," right?

If that failed, de Blasio, a Democratic presidential candidate, said he would sign an executive order “to force” the US Soccer Federation to ensure equal pay.

He would also support the Fairness Paycheck Act that requires employers to report annual pay data and justify differences in pay.

I find this interesting considering there are discrepancies in de Blasio's administration pay. Hmmm...

[M]en in the administration earn an average of $58,400 a year more than their female colleagues, leaving the women earning just 81 cents for every dollar earned by the men.

When questioned about the pay difference, he said, “The numbers are so clear, we have an administration that’s over 50% women in the top positions, absolute equity in the top positions, there’s a handful of higher-paid positions, at this moment in history some are men and some are women."

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