Dave Chappelle did his first comedy special in 13 years. It was a huge success. During it, a Dave Chappelle transgender joke put him in hot water with activists.

During Chappelle's newest standup routine, The Age of Spin: Live at the Hollywood Palladium, the comedian cracked several jokes about transgenders transitions as well as the term LGBTQ.

“Stuart educates me about this movement,” Chappelle began, referencing a gay friend and the LGBTQ community. “He told me it’s called ‘LBGTQ.’ I was like ‘what the fuck is the q for?’ Does that even make sense? Q?”

“It turns out q is like the vowels. That shit is ‘sometimes y,'” Chappelle joked. “It’s for gay dudes that don’t really know they’re gay. You know what I mean? Kind of like prison fags.”

Watch the video!

Dave Chappelle Transgender Joke


Predictably, these jokes had the liberals up in arms. They are even ruining comedy. Comedians can't view topics as off limits. Quite often those "off limits topics" are the ones that result in the best comedy. This segment by Chappelle is a great example of that. Here is some of the outrage on Twitter.

Buzzfeed published an article that claims Chappelle is a "cisgender man" desperately trying to confirm he is not gay. From the article:

“When straight cis men aren’t denigrating queer people to affirm their masculinity, they might be paying lip service to women’s rights only as a ruse to get some ass.”

Um, ok? How about the left just sit back and enjoy an all-time great comic and realize that NO ONE is safe from his humor. He goes after white, black, straight, gay, bi, q, etc. That's what great comedians do. If Dave Chappelle starts to worry about offending people, that's when his comedy will stop being great. As usual, the left needs to RELAX.


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