Dave Chappelle With Shocking Statement On BLM

Dave Chapelle had a run as one of the most popular comics in the world. Even though he has removed himself from the limelight, he once occupied, he is still a social icon.

He still does very private shows. So private you can't even take your cell phones in. They are taken at the door and placed in a bag. At one point during an NYC show at The Cutting Room, Chappelle went to check something on his phone but he said he can't because he didn't even have his phone.

At the beginning of this show he warned it was going to be a racist show. He spoke on Dwayne Wade's cousin being murdered. Chappelle mentioned his friendship with famous black conservative Stacey Dash. He also talked about the stabbing at Cornell and questioned "who stabs anymore? Very OJ."

Dave Chappelle With Shocking Statement On BLM

Then Chappelle questioned the entire Black Lives Matter agenda: "When did it become just caring about ourselves and not caring about other people?”

Then he drops the bomb: "Black Lives matter is the worst slogan I've ever heard."

With that powerful statement, he decimated the entire BLM movement. A very prominent black figure decimating their cause.

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