Dan Crenshaw to Bernie Sanders: ‘Stop Trying to Buy Off My Generation’ with Free Tuition Promise

Bernie Sanders likes to pretend that free college is a realistic thing. What the left doesn’t understand is that nothing is really free. Somewhere down the line someone is going to pay for this.

Well, Rep. Dan Crenshaw has taken offense to Bernie trying to buy off his generation by claiming everything is free.

First, here is the tweet that Bernie Sanders sent out where he promises to make public colleges and universities tuition-free:

The Texas Representative was happy to jump in and point out that while the individual student won’t be paying for it, everyone will.

Sanders wants kids to be able to go to school and learn how the world works. Except they won’t get a key lesson in basic economics: nothing is free.

What’s sad is that there are many young people that actually believe socialism means that everything is free and no one has to pay for anything.

Tuition free doesn’t mean that someone is coming down with a magic wand and making college free. It means that everybody will have to foot the bill for this tuition.

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