There is a group of men who get together in Plymouth Meeting to work through traumas and seek healing. It sounds like a regular therapy group until you find out that their method of working through their problems is by cuddling.

That's right. Grown men get together, known as the Men’s Therapeutic Cuddle Group, to cuddle in an attempt to defeat "toxic masculinity."

Did you just cringe? I sure did.

Philly reports:

The two-year-old group draws men from various backgrounds: a 37-year-old Mormon who works as an airport gate agent, a 57-year-old married father of three, a 62-year-old retiree. There is a range of sexual orientations.

At a time when traditional ideas of manhood are facing scrutiny and such terms as toxic masculinity are becoming more widely known through the MeToo movement, the group aims to provide new ways for men to express themselves.

Cofounder Scott Turner said, “So often, we’re taught that to be an emotional stoic is the mark of manhood. If you show any emotional weakness or vulnerability, that’s a failure to your title of a man.”

He added that “if we expect men to be emotionally sensitive to the needs of others, they first need to be able to build an emotional vocabulary."

“It’s not the ends of what we’re doing,” Turner continued, “It’s part of a larger toolbox of healing.”

Unlike professional cuddling services, which are gaining popularity in cities across the United States, the group charges no fees and members are not required to undergo training.

Although the meet-ups are not open to the public (members must be interviewed and approved), the group held a demonstration for The Inquirer.

At the beginning of the session, everyone agreed not to engage in sexual touch and to ask for consent before each action. They gathered in a huddle and breathed meditatively.

I don't care what kind of narrative the left wants to push, this is NOT normal behavior for grown men. Stop trying to normalize the feminization of men. It is not natural!

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