Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has finally confirmed that the Joe Biden presidential campaign has reached out to her and discussed running alongside Joe Biden in his presidential bid.

But she has said that she hasn't fully been vetted, so she's not sure if she'll be chosen by Biden to be his running mate.

"I've had a conversation with some folks. It was just an opening conversation and it's not something that I would call a professional formalized vetting." She told Today show host, Craig Melvin.'

According to The Daily Mail:

She's attracted controversy and the attention of President Donald Trump for pushing some of the strictest stay-at-home orders in the country, as Michigan was one of the hardest hit states, outside the epicenter in New York, by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The 48-year-old first-term governor, who previously served in the Michigan state House and Senate, and was a county prosecutor, comes from one of the three states Trump was able to win over Hillary Clinton in 2016, which put him in the White House. 

If Biden wants to win the White House, one route he could take is to win Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania back.  

But one concern about putting Whitmer on the ticket is that she might have limited time to campaign as the nation's governors have played key leadership roles in getting the U.S. through the pandemic. 

'I am making a little bit of time to stay connected to the campaign, but the most important thing that I have to do right now is be the governor of my home state,' Whitmer said. 'That's all that matters to me in this moment.'  

It's clear that Biden likes her. He probably wants her to be close to him so he can start sniffing her hair and touching her all the time.

Biden, as he is now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, almost couldn't wait to announce that he will 100% choose a woman as his running mate. Forget the whole idea of a person who is best qualified for the job, let's just pick a woman instead.

It's a shame that Whitmer is one of the names that is being tossed around as a candidate given her record of tyranny during this pandemic.

It wouldn't surprise me if he chose her. He has no sense of good judgment, so it only makes sense that he would pick her.

By the way...doesn't she just look evil?

Photo Credit: Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan

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