Are Americans looking to have a leader that is funded by foreign entities? If not, then they need to avoid Hillary Clinton.

Per Right Wing News:

Hillary Clinton has over $20 million in her war chest, and with that money, she is hoping to win the presidency. However, the media is keeping a big secret for her — a shocking list of foreign agents donating millions to her campaign, even though it’s against campaign finance laws. Now, the list has been leaked, leaving Americans shocked and pissed off by the illegal donations Hillary is getting.

It’s come to light that foreign agents who want to take over America are funding the Hillary Clinton campaign.

John Podesta is the chairman of Hillary’s campaign and his brother Tony Podesta is the top bundler for Hillary for America. A bundler is a professional fundraiser, but they aren’t just any fundraisers. They are super fundraisers bringing in millions.

Tony Podesta is also the chairman of the Podesta Group, which works with foreign governments and foreign corporations, and this is where it gets really corrupt.

Hillary knows Americans are outraged at the direct donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation, so now she has created middlemen — corporate lawyers who cut the check to Tony Podesta so it looks like it came from an American corporation.

The Sunlight Foundation reports, “According to the FEC, ‘Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S.’”

We all know that by now lies and corruption are the name of the game for Hillary Clinton. Adding on one more scandal...at this point, what difference does it make?

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