Senator Bernie Sanders put placed his bid for the 2020 election, and he has been doing all he can to hang on ever since. He lost last election's Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton, and he is determined not to lose again this year. Too bad he's a socialist and doesn't actually stand a chance.

Sanders took to Twitter to attack President Trump, which seems to be one of his favorite pastimes. He predicted that Trump is only going to be a "one-term" president. I wonder if he is trying to convince his 9.6 million followers, or himself.

Either way, it is hilarious considering that "Crazy Bernie," a nickname given by Trump, also predicted that Trump would never become president during the last election. So far he is 0/1 so far.

Here is a clip of Sanders speaking during a rally in New York in 2016. He says, and I quote, “Donald Trump will not become president”:

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Want more? Here's another instance of him telling his supporters, or anyone that will listen, that Trump "is not going to become president." Watch:

I wonder how he is liking the taste of his own words...I wonder how his new prediction will fare on the taste buds when he realizes he's wrong about Trump being a "one-term president," as well.

Here are some more of Bernie's hilariously crazy tweets:

Right, because voter ID laws suppress votes how, exactly? Oh that's right, they prevent illegal immigrants from voting in our elections....which is the only way Bernie or any of the other crooked Democrats could win this election.

When will he give it a rest? The man couldn't even win his primary the last go around. Now he thinks he is going to take the whole country? Let's all laugh aloud!

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