Once again, CNN makes a mockery of themselves. And Don Lemon is right in the middle of it. A couple mocks CNN with a fake wedding proposal and CNN reporters it as real.

This wasn't the only craziness from CNN on New Year's Eve. They also promoted smoking marijuana during the broadcast.

Back in September, Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage had Brooke Baldwin of CNN all fired up when he he talked about his love of boobs on live TV. He took advantage of an opportunity on New Year's Eve to troll CNN.

Per Outkick the Coverage:

And around ten eastern my phone blows up with a bunch of you sending me videos of CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration, which featured people smoking pot live on air in Colorado and our good friend Brooke Boobs Baldwin and Don Lemon live in a New Orleans bar.

Now I don’t care about smoking pot — I’m all for legalizing and taxing drugs which can’t kill you like weed… — but I do find it amazing that CNN can claim that me saying I loved the first amendment and boobs is unacceptable and I’m banned from the network forever and then they’ve got reporters holding joints and bong gas masks live on air.

What kind of consistent editorial standard is that?

Travis stepped up and offered anyone who would yell "I love boobs" on CNN live $10,000.

Watch the video:

After the stunt went down, Travis ripped CNN for their awful reporting on their website that the marriage proposal was actually real.

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