Cosmopolitan should stick to makeup and sex advice, if you ask me. I don't read their blogs or magazines to begin with, but if I ever did, it would not be for garbage commending the Clintons and how they are such 'role models.'

In Cosmo published article The Clintons and the Reality of a Long Marriage, the magazine praised the Clintons as couple that people should look up to when it comes to relationships. They seem to overlook  all the scandals and infidelity that has corrupted the relationship.

Two words: Monica Lewinsky.

The author also pokes at people like Trump, who has been divorced before. Yet commends Hillary for standing by her unfaithful man. She “could have put her better half’s carelessness behind her like an awful hair style and proceeded onward to proceed with her change-production and accomplishments without him as well. In any case, she remained," the article raved.

They added, that the Hillary shouldn't be portrayed as “a doormat, a punching sack, a trick” for staying with slick Willy. Rather that she is honorable for doing so. GAG.

“In the Clinton’s marriage model, you mess up. You pardon. You develop. What’s more, you develop old, together, gaining new experiences and commending old ones with a similar individual you’ve known since she was “a young lady,” somebody you became hopelessly enamored with numerous years back in the spring," the author added.

Yet Vice President Mike Pence is attacked for remaining a fully faithful, Christian husband to his wife. They left has such sick double standards. Praise a relationship filled with unfaithfulness and lies, but attack a truly moral relationship. It doesn't make any sense.

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