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People are still not quite sure what to think about the coronavirus because there is debate as to how severe and how widespread it actually is, but either way, it seem that things may take a turn for the worse as a new country has reported having two cases of the infection.

Iran's news agency ISNA reported that there have been two known and confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country.

According to Fox News,

Authorities in Iran this week announced the country’s first two cases of the novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — which has infected more than 75,000 people globally and killed some 2,000 others.

The Iranian news agency ISNA reported the first two confirmed cases on Wednesday, The Associated Press reported. The cases were confirmed in the country's central province of Qom. The nationality of the two people infected is not clear, and no other details were provided.

Other suspected cases of the virus in the country are reportedly being investigated.

“Since [the] last two days, some suspected cases of the new coronavirus were found,” said the country’s health ministry, Kiyanoush Jahanpour, according to the Associated Press.

Here's why this is such a bad thing. It's extremely likely that given that Iran is an underdeveloped nation in some way that we could see the virus spread rapidly throughout the country.

So in some ways, Iran is more developed than China and in some ways, it is not.

I've seen videos from China that shows the disgusting conditions of food markets in China. I'll be honest, I'm surprised that markets like that don't kill everyone who comes by much less those who buy food there.

There's really no telling what would happen if the virus does indeed spread widely throughout Iran given how tyrannical and no-nonsensical that they are. They may just shoot everyone who gets the virus or is suspected to have been exposed to it.

UPDATE: There have now been 43 cases of coronavirus including 8 deaths in Iran.

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