Videos like this are crazy to watch. It gives you some perspective on how tough a job being a cop is. This happened so quickly, can you imagine how difficult a situation like this would be?  With no time to think this cop acts quickly and saves his own life.

Everyone likes to pile on cops when there is a shooting, but when you are at risk of a situation like this there is so little margin of error. The media likes to claim cops shoot innocent people all the time, but never give stories like this credit.

This starts out as a pretty routine traffic stop. First the cop walks over to the passenger side and takes a glance. Then he casually walks around toward the squad car. That's when the madness goes down. Take a look.

WARNING: Graphic violence

Cop Acts Quickly And Saves His Own Life

As a police officer you never known when a thug is going to try to smash your face in with a rifle. With almost no time to react, the cop was able to do exactly what he need in order to survive.

The people who run their mouths about how cops are bad guys. Ask them how they would react in a situation like this.

Show the boys in blue some respect. This is a tough situation that no one deserves to deal with. They put their lives on the line on a daily basis so we can be safe. They are put in life and death situations where a bad decision can cost them their life or the lives of others. It is no easy job. The least we can do is show them a little bit of respect.

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