Cooler Company Doubles Down On Second Amendment Support After YETI Drops the NRA

Second Amendment supporters are fired up after YETI stopped a program they had with the National Rifle Association. Other companies have stepped up to fill the void of coolers for people who are not anti-gun. Pelican Coolers announced they will donate $10 to the NRA for each purchase for the rest of April.

That’s a good way to let the customers know you support the Second Amendment. Oh yeah and they are made in the USA. And to boot, they are throwing in a free tumbler of your choice. Check it out.

Pelican Coolers isn’t the first company to show support of the Second Amendment. RTIC Coolers made a post on their Facebook page with a picture of the Second Amendment.

Bison Coolers stepped up and made sure to let their Second Amendment supporting customers know they stand with them.

YETI has since responded to the claim by the NRA with a tweet claiming they fully support the Second Amendment.

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