I've been keeping a close on everything regarding the coronavirus for a number of reasons, but most importantly so I know what to do for myself and my family.

Some people are panicking over the virus, some people are not concerned at all, some people are right in the middle in that they're kind of concerned and are just playing it safe...then some people are turning it up to 11.

I've actually seen warnings to not drink bleach to try and fight the virus. This should be common sense! DON'T DRINK BLEACH!

But perhaps what has been the most astonishing thing that I've come across yet is a conspiracy theory surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and why it's occurring.

These conspiracy theorists are even claiming that Tom Hanks doesn't even have coronavirus as he's claiming. It's all part of the conspiracy.

They also claim that Hanks is a pedophile and he's close to being arrested along with dozens of others.

This is what the conspiracy theorists are claiming:

"This is the best thing that could ever happen. The country will shut down in a stepwise manner. People will get themselves prepared.

The toilet paper shortage was manufactured to get people thinking of preparing. It's benign.

Schools and all mass gatherings will be canceled. Probably around April 1, there will be martial law with no unnecessary travel. You will still be able to go to the store, work, doctor, etc.

During that time the rest of the RATS will be arrested and the country will have a reset. The coronavirus will UNITE Americans as a common cause.

Good Friday will be the end day and we can all celebrate Easter.

Trump is going to start releasing our money back to us by stopping the payroll tax using the coronavirus as an excuse. It will be the start of rolling back all taxes. Eventually, it will be the best boomerang of all.

WE will be getting FREE STUFF. Free fishing license, free driver licenses, etc. (you get the point). The colleges will be destroyed as we know them because they are going to find out you could have been doing all this learning from home in the first place. The common core curriculum will be removed. 

The famous people infected with coronavirus are actually being served their indictments and if the cooperate, they live, if they don't they die from the virus. How handy is that?

Notice one thing peculiar. The NBA etc. are shutting themselves down. Probably due to indictments. It will destroy Deep State sports and once sports recovers it will be back to competing for greatness like in the old days. No more Illuminati children getting the place on the football teams!

It's all going to happen fast with surgical precision.


Prepare to have your minds blown...ina good way this time!"

One thing that I've even seen is that someone said that he doesn't believe Tom Hanks has the virus because him being stuck on an island with his companion named Wilson (Rita) is way too convenient.

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Along with some good and helpful information being spread, there is just as equally BAD information being spread.

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She is arguable the most well-known climate change activist since Al Gore started his propaganda back with "An Inconvenient Truth" which turned out to be no truth at all (surprise, surprise).

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White House: Order Drafted to Establish Medical Supply Chains in U.S.

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said on CNBC's Squawk Box Monday that he is presenting President Donald Trump with an executive order geared at establishing medical supply chains in the United States and reducing our dependency on importing from other countries.

CNBC host Andrew Ross Sorkin said, "The New York Times is reporting this morning that the administration is attempted to persuade a Germany firm developing a possible vaccine, the company, CureVac, to move its research development to the United States, this is according to German officials, raising fear, apparently, in Berlin that President Trump was trying to ensure that any enucleation would be available first in the United States and, perhaps, exclusively."

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Aviation Group Predicts Airline Bankruptcy by May due to Coronavirus

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