The violence from the left is out of hand. Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump, Snoop Dogg shoots him and an assassin fires bullets at Republican Congressman. Now, this conservative woman was arrested at the Trump assassination rendition of Julius Caesar. Her name is Laura Loomer and she needs our help You can donate here.

The left has gone too far with making violence a normal thing and this woman had enough of it. On Friday, Loomer rushed the stage during the Shakespeare in the Park rendition of Julius Caesar, which is where liberals go nuts while a bloody assassination of President Trump is shown.

Laura Loomer simply spoke out against this performance and was arrested for it.

Conservative Woman Was Arrested at Trump Assassination Play, Laura Loomer

Conservative Woman Arrested at Trump Assassination Play

While the left continues to call Trump a dictator, they don't allow someone to speak out against a president who was just elected being assassinated. Laura needs help fighting this and we can help her by helping to pay her legal fees. Click here to help Laura on WeSearchr.

The left is really pushing it with this recent play and refusing to let people protest it. What if the police arrested all of the far left protesters? They wouldn't have time to do anything else!

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