The sad thing about this is she has given them much more reasonable reasons to ban her. Instead, conservative bombshell Lauren Southern was banned from Instagram for fat shaming overweight hedgehogs.

Keep in mind, Southern has berated Islam and labeled BLM an "ethnic terrorist organization." That said, it was poking fun at overweight hedgehogs that was the final straw with Instagram.

Since the suspension of her account, Instagram has apologized, admitting to The Sun Online that they made a mistake.

The controversial Canadian right-wing activist and commentator was banned after posting a snap of a tubby pet.

Instagram has since apologised, telling The Sun Online its decision was a mistake.

A spokeswoman said: "We mistakenly suspended her account and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. We have restored the account."

The Insta-ban follows shocking violence during a white nationalist march in Charlottesville, where one woman was killed.

Lauren has since blamed "left wing support groups" for giving her picture a red flag.

Comments under the offending picture read: "Oh you are the racist.

"May the Lord heal your heart of all the anger you have on others!"

She later tweeted messages from one account holder who said he had reported her for "fat shaming hedgehogs".

The author of Barbarians: How baby boomers, Immigrants and Islam screwed my generation gained notoriety as a personality on Canada's right wing Rebel Med network.

Southern took to Twitter to point out why her Instagram was banned.

So after a brief banning, she is back. However, Southern is still banned from Patreon. Their reason for banning her was because Southern and her peers were "planning activities that are likely to cause loss of life".

So after a brief hiatus, Southern can get back to bringing joy to the right with posts like this of her beautiful self.
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