The end of the Obama administration is near, but he is not done destroying this country yet. Luckily, Congress blocks Obama's executive orders and he's not happy!

Obama is Furious!

Congress Blocks Obama's Executive Orders

Per Conservative Daily Post:

Considering the fact that Obama is leaving, there were fears that he was going to pass some legislation that would affect the country and be nearly impossible for Trump to repeal. These were going to be called the “Midnight Rules” and it was going to ensure that Trump was going to have some issues before tackling the issues he wanted to tackle the most.

Except that fear is NO MORE. The House of Representatives passed legislation, by a margin of 240-179, allows Congress to undo any of the last-minute rules and regulations that were going to be put on the books before President Obama leaves office.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican out of California and the former chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, had this to say about the bill. “This bipartisan bill is about reviving the separation of powers to ensure our laws are written by the representatives we actually vote for – not unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who are on their way out the door.”

This was put into place to make sure that Obama doesn’t try to sneak any last minute laws by that would further his agenda. Which means that any law that he thinks is going to get through is going to get shut down by the GOP controlled Congress.

Good to see that Congress is covering all of their bases. Obama was sure to push through some disastrous executive orders in his last few months as president. Now that is shut down and there is no chance he can do it.

Congress blocks Obama's executive orders

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