President Trump is truly a president for the people. He knows what we want and he just proved it once again. This time, one of the Democrats' talking points is completely destroyed.

The Democrats are trying to tell America that the overwhelming majority of the country disagrees with President Trump and his statement regarding the renaming of the military bases that have been named after confederate leaders.

However, a Morning Consult poll done with Politico has shown that the Senate amendment to change military base names is not supported by most Americans. Overall, 33% of Americans support renaming military bases and 48%. Fifty percent of Men felt military bases should not be renamed and only 31% of women felt military bases should be renamed.

There was a stark difference between the three generations, sixty percent of Boomers overwhelming were against changing the names of military bases, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, 44% of Gen Z supported renaming the bases. Gen X and Millenials fell in the middle, 49% of X’ers’ felt the bases shouldn’t be renamed and 40% of Millennial felt military bases should be renamed.

When compared to party affiliation 76% of Republicans felt that the military bases should not be renamed and 54% of Democrats felt the bases should be renamed. For the five independents left in the country (sarcasm), 31% supported renaming the bases.

Polling data showed the biggest split among minority communities, 54% of African Americans want the bases renamed, 43% of Hispanic agree the names should be changed, while 55% of Whites said the bases should keep their names.

This just proves how out of touch with America the Democrats truly are.

They will say anything that is the opposite of what President Trump says for the sole reason being that he is the one who said it. But he knows what we as Americans want.

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