Kamala Harris is no longer trying to hide her agenda anymore. She is openly endorsing Marxism.

She literally wants to turn the United States into not just a socialist nation, but a communist nation.

In a recent ad, she said, "Not everybody's starting out from the same place...equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place."

This may seem all good and well off the bat, but it's not. This is Marxism.

Take a look at this ad from Harris:

Equity means equality of outcome. It means that all companies have 50% men and 50% women working there.

We should not be striving for equity. What we need is proper hierarchies of competence. Not everyone is a brain doctor. You want the best people in these roles so that if you have a brain tumor you can select from the best doctors available to do the work which you need to be done. You hurt yourself and others when you ignore the best people for the jobs just so you can have a 50/50 mix.

That doesn't mean that the men are better and we need more men in that role. It doesn't mean that women are better and we need more women in that role. It just means we should strive for having the best to fit those jobs.

We need the best. That creates competition which creates an incentive to progress and learn more and to do better.

If you have someone who is great at something and they are rewarded for it, that gives them a reason to keep being great.

These sorts of communist ideas never take into account the differences between people. For example, take nurses and surgeons as a career path. Women are more oriented toward nursing while men are more oriented toward surgeons. Why? It's because nursing is a more people-oriented field and women are drawn to this, while surgery is more thing-oriented and men gravitate towards that more.

Both men and women have an equal opportunity to fill either of these rolls, but people are different and will tend to gravitate more to some things versus another. Equity or equality of outcome completely ignores that.

Fortunately, there are people who still recognize Marxism when they see it and don't support it, even liberals.

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