Holy crap, this is insane. There have been many famous meltdowns caused by Trump's victory, but this one may top them all. This happened at Western Washington University. It will make you laugh and feel a bit uncomfortable, then laugh more. The college snowflake at Western Washington University melts down and loses her mind at the sight of a Trump sign.

Watch the video.

College Snowflake at Western Washington University

“Right here on the Western Washington campus, she’s going nuts with a Trump sign—she doesn’t like the Trump sign. She’s anti-Trump,” preacher Eric Bostrom can be heard explaining in the video, holding a sign that reads “Trump: Borders, Laws, Jobs, Liberty, USA,” and another intentionally-obtrusive sign containing shocking bible verses about judgement.

In the video, Bostrom claims that the woman screaming is “an art major,” and at one point in the video another woman who appears to be an administrator runs into the shot to ask the student if she is alright, to which the student replies “call the police, b***.”

It's hard to believe a person is even capable of making the sound this person was making. I wasn't sure if this was real until the police showed up and the looks on their faces. She sounds like someone has lit her on fire.

This is the ultimate example of how easily the left is "triggered." Unfortunately, this type of person is all over college campuses all of the country.

What would happen if this woman was actually in real danger? Would anyone actually try to help her or would they just say oh no big deal, that's just what she does?

The far left being so out of touch with the rest of the world is a big part of why Trump won.

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