Jen Spyra is a writer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. For whatever reason she thought it was a good idea to react to Barbara Bush's passing with a joke about her looks. Now she is facing some serious heat for the terrible decision to do this. Whatever happened to the accepting left? That's right, they are only accepting when it is one of their own or it fits their agenda.

Spyra tweeted:

“RIP Barbara Bush, the only woman who was 92 for 30 years."

Of course there were some people who praised the humor, but most people reacted negatively and were critical of her decision.

Many pointed out the double standard that leftists live by when it comes to mocking age and looks.

Others provided the reason why Barbara Bush's hair grayed at a young age and why she did not dye it.

Mrs. Bush was very comfortable with her looks and who she was. She was once quoted as saying, “People who worry about their hair all the time, frankly, are boring.”

Some people have nothing better than ripping the recently deceased former first lady.

For the most part, the celebration of the life of Barbara Bush has been a very positive time from both parties, something that is very rare in the current time.

Thoughts and prayers go out to First Lady Barbara Bush's family. We were all lucky to have her as long as we did.

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