Former CIA analyst Phill Mudd was on CNN Wednesday. While on there he said that South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy "needs to have his ass kicked." He was referring to some of the comments he made on Tuesday during a House Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday with former CIA director John Brennan.

“Trey Gowdy ought to have his ass kicked. He knows the difference between intelligence and evidence,” Mudd, said during an interview on "New Day."

Mudd was very frustrated by the questions Gowdy asked Brennan. He was asking whether there was any evidence on the collusion between the Trump team and the Russian government.

Brennan claims there is intelligence that indicates there was contact between the Trump team and Kremlin operatives. But of course he could not take the next step and confirm proof of collusion between the Trump team and Russia. No surprise there.

In typical Chris Cuomo fashion he didn't even bat an eye at the ridiculous remarks by Mudd.

"Well argued," Cuomo concluded after Mudd wrapped his his remarks.

Watch the video.

CNN's Former CIA Analyst Phill Mudd

What do you think about Mudd going after the legend Trey Gowdy? Do you think Gowdy will return fire or is he even worth his time?

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