I swear that if I didn't know better, I would think that the lying liars aka mainstream media are trying to outperform the Babylon Bee when it comes to satire news, especially CNN.

Some of the stuff that they come up with is such a joke that I really expect it to come from the Babylon Bee.

Just this week, when the President was released from Walter Reed Hospital and made an appearance on the Truman Balcony of the White House, the reporters at CNN lost their minds.

CNN host John Berman panicked on Tuesday morning after a video aired that showed President Donald Trump taking his mask off after he returned to the White House yesterday.

“We’re looking at 210,000 Americans dead, we’re seeing a rise in new daily cases, and the president, in that sunset boulevard gesture, whipped his mask off in front of the American people on the nightly news last night,” CNN’s John Berman said. “So, as a doctor whose job it is —”

As Berman was talking, CNN aired the footage of the moment when Trump took his mask off at the White House, which led to Berman asking the footage to be removed from the air.

“You know, take it off,” Berman said. “Please, don’t even put it on the screen. Please take it off because that’s going to kill people.”

Really?! The President taking his mask off at the White House...from the upper balcony is going to "kill people"? These people are literally insane!

Here we are in a time where the Democrats are comfortable with the recommendation of health professionals to stay 6 feet away from others as a general rule, yet we have the President probably 100 feet away from anyone, and they're worried about him killing people?

Give me a freaking break!

They're not the only ones that said something about it either. CNN "reporter" Kaitlan Collins also attacked the President for removing his mask while being very far away from everyone.

She must have forgotten about this...

I love it when they react like this because then people can really see how dumb and desperate they are to say something negative against the President.

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