CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny appeared on an interview Monday. During the interview, the CNN reporter labels country music fans as "likely Trump supporters."

This was a strange observation. He mad the odd observation right after noting that Trump's morning press conference following the incident in Las Vegas was "pitch perfect." It was odd to follow that up by nothing that there is a major overlap between people who support Trump and fans of country music.

Check out the video.

Per Daily Wire:

"Something else I think to keep in mind, a lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters," Zeleny said.

"This is something that of course is hitting the tapestry of all Americans, and there are going to be victims from across the country here," he continued.

It's not immediately clear what Zeleny meant with his comments — perhaps that Trump was more conscientous of his message, perhaps, knowing that some of his supporters might be among the dead, or that Trump was more attentive to victims because his fans and country music fans are one and the same.

Any way you interpret it, it's weird.

Maybe he was trying to suggest that the shooter targeted this group because he knew there were Trump supporters. Another possibility is that maybe Trump was more careful about his message following the shooting because he knew this deeply impacted his base.

On Wednesday Trump plans to visit Vegas to meet with victims and first responders. Following his visit to Vegas Trump plans to head to Puerto Rico to check out the damage that has been done there.

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