It wasn't enough that CNN reporter Randi Kaye had marijuana leaf earrings. She also lit a bond and held lit joints in the air during CNN's New Year's Eve show on Sunday night that came live from Times Square. The show was hosted by Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen.

Per The Gateway Pundit:

Video posted online shows Kaye placing an unlit ‘gas mask’ bong to her face while she is reporting from Denver, where pot is legal on the state level, on a party Cannibus headed to a ‘puff, pass and paint’ party. Kaye then hands the bong to a man who tells Kaye the bong is “stuffed” with cannabis. Kaye is then seen on air lighting the bong for the man.

Later on Kaye is holding a lit joint while at a "puff, pass and paint" party. Then a man is shown smoking with a post smoking device called "the incredible."

Another video shows Kaye grabbing a lit joint from someone.

Kaye was never shown smoking, but she was clearly a little off. Maybe she smoked or maybe it was a contact buzz.

So this is the direction CNN is going heading into 2018.

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