Leftist media is one of the worst things on television, even worse than the Bachelor.

They are so notorious for not caring about facts and fabricating stories that their ratings have plummeted over the last few years.

Occasionally, we see a CNN host who actually allows common sense to operate in their mind long enough to realize that something is off about what they're reporting or that their own Democratic Party is doing something ridiculous.

This happened recently with an anchor at CNN when he had a revelatory moment and asked why this supposed whistleblower hadn’t been questioned. He finally figured out that the Democrats have had more than enough time to figure out a way for Republicans to question this person without exposing who they are.

Has CNN finally loosened their chains and allowed them to speak a little freely on the air, even to question Democrats?

CNN anchor John King actually backed up the Republicans on last week saying that they made a “legitimate point” in asking why the whistleblower — who is the one who brought the complaint that prompted Trump’s impeachment — hasn’t been questioned yet.

“You’re asking the Congress, the Senate now, to remove the President of the United States,” King said. “It’s a legitimate point for the president’s team and the Republicans to say: ‘Shouldn’t we go to the very origin of this?'”

This came after Sen. Rand Paul tried asking a question that mentioned the name of a person who is suspected to be the whistleblower. Chief Justice John Roberts refused to ask the question.

“Republicans make a good point — the whistleblower started all of this. Why hasn’t the whistleblower been questioned?” he said. “Shouldn’t the House Democrats have found a secure way to do that? It’s a legitimate point of debate as we go through this.”

“Is outing the whistleblower in a public setting the way to make your point? I think we could have a conversation about that … the Democrats’ argument is that just about everything the whistleblower alleged has been proven through other sources, so we don’t need to do this.”

The whistleblower's identity is still not confirmed but we're confident of who it is.


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