You may have seen "CNN is ISIS" trending on Twitter Saturday afternoon. Trump supporters were getting their jollies by trolling the crap out of CNN.

It should come as no surprise that Alex Jones is who got the party started. He offered a $1,000 reward to "anyone who is seen on TV with a 'CNN is ISIS' t-shirt or sign." This was a response to the ISIS-like photo shoot that Kathy Griffin took part in where she was holding a beheaded Donald Trump. CNN has already fired Griffin and venues have dropped all of her upcoming shows.

At a DC rally, a Trump supporter got in front of a CNN camera while holding a "CNN is ISIS" sign.


On Saturday CNN was promoting anti-Trump protests that were going on across the country,. More and more images popped up of people holding the "CNN is ISIS" signs.

By this point, "CNN is ISIS" was trending on Twitter.

This shows just how the power has shifted from the media to the people with Donald Trump as president. Could CNN get something this controversial trending on Twitter? Probably not. Alex Jones of Infowars had no problem getting something to go completely viral while destroying CNN. It's a great time to be alive. The #FakeNews networks are all now being held accountable.

What do you think about Alex Jones taking action and making them look like scumbags after the actions of Kathy Griffin? Let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook.

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