CNN Host Fareed Zakaria supports the Trump Assassination scene in Julius Caesar. The liberal fantasy of a Trump assassination is portrayed in it.

When Zakaria first went to see this interpretation of Julius Caesar, he may not have known what he was in for. You can't fault him for going to see it. He did not know what he was in for. However, when the production was over, Zakaria took to Twitter to express his enjoyment of it. In fact, he was so excited about what he just witnessed that he called it a "masterpiece" and strongly recommended for people to go see it.

CNN Host Fareed Zakaria Supports 'Trump Assassination'

Now onto the video. Mark Dice completely exposes this fool.

So let's get this straight. CNN host Fareed Zakaria supports the graphic portrayal of a Trump assassination. Didn't he see how this went down for Kathy Griffin?

Many companies have attempted to distance themselves from this interpretation of Julis Caesar. Two of these companies include Bank of America and Delta.

This is absolutely insane. How do these people possibly think it is alright to call an assassination of our president a "masterpiece?" Will CNN dump this idiot or continue employing him while he promotes this type of insanity on his Twitter page?

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