While Fox News and MSNBC are holding steady with their TV ratings, CNN is experiencing a May ratings crash by 20% or more.

There are still three weeks of May remaining, so it will be interesting if the Russian Nothingburger Network will be able to recover. While the ratings are dropping overall, they are also dropping in the 25-54 age demo, which is coveted by advertisers.

Primetime Viewers

During May of 2017 CNN averaged 1.12 million total viewers along with 286,000 demo viewers. In May of 2018 the numbers are 859,000 total viewers and 286,000 demo viewers. That represents a drop of 23% and 29%, respectively.

Fox News is actually up 5% when you look at total viewers year-to-year and has taken a 1% drop in the demo.

MSNBC has increased 4% in total viewers year-to-year while experiencing a 16% drop in the demo.

So the rankings go 1. Fox 2. MSNBC 3. CNN, with Fox nearly tripling the primetime viewers of CNN.

Daytime Viewers

During May of 2017 CNN was averaging 821,000 total daytime viewers and 274,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo. This year they have dropped to 649,000 and 205,000. That represents a drop of 21% and 25%.

Fox dropped 1% for total daytime viewers and 10% for demo viewers.

MSNBC actually increased 4% in total daytime viewers and dropped 4% in the demo.

Per Breitbart News:

Any objective examination of these numbers can only deliver one conclusion: CNN is hemorrhaging a massive chunk of its already small audience. Moreover, the problem is not a lack of news. If that were the issue, Fox and MSNBC would also be shredding total viewers as opposed to holding steady and even gaining in some areas.

Obviously, CNN’s massive credibility problems are coming home to roost. “CNN” has become synonymous with “fake news” over the last year, and for very good reason. No one can trust anything reported by CNN, and why should they?

Last month I sat in a waiting room with close to a dozen strangers from every imaginable walk of life. When someone suggested putting some news on waiting room TV, one lady said, “As long as it’s not CNN,” and the whole room burst out laughing.

CNN is widely seen as a joke in America, something that will take years for the anti-Trump channel to shake if it ever decides to stop with the wildly partisan and dishonest hysterics.

What’s more, the network has pretty much turned itself over to porn star Stormy Daniels and her fake news-spreading attorney. A porn star and her ambulance chaser have become CNN’s assignment editors to the point of absurdity.

Is CNN experiencing the "Trump Effect"? It's hard to say exactly why their ratings are dropping at such an alarming rate, with so many different options, but this network is obviously headed to a bad place.

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