Congressman Chris Collins was on CNN. He is pro-Trump. CNN cuts satellite feed as soon as Wikileaks was mentioned by Congressman Collins.

CNN Cuts Satellite Feed

The craziest thing about this is that CNN truly thinks we are dumb enough to believe this. The host's reaction to the video being cut is insane. Does anybody believe that his reaction is genuine? How stupid do they think we are? They aren't called the Clinton News Network for no reason. It's time that someone finally exposes this. Because the election is coming soon, we must stop them.

It is crucial that we get this video out to the masses. Please like and share this on Facebook and help us get this to the mainstream. We desperately need you to help us get this out and YOU are exactly who can help us with it. While the mainstream media refuses to report this, we can get this to the masses with your help. So with your help we can finally take down the DNC.


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