CNN has long been known as the king of fake news. Well this cements their legacy. CNN busted stage-managing a scene in the London aftermath.

They were caught doing this by a citizen journalist. @MarkAntro posted the video footage to his Twitter. During the video Becky Anderson of CNN is seen handing out props to a "peace group."

It's long been know that CNN pushes #FakeNews, but this is even worse than expected. Take a look at the video from Mark Dice. As usual, he completely destroys the left and puts CNN in their place.

CNN Busted Stage-Managing Scene

Yep, this footage was passed off as real news by CNN. BBC was also interested in using this fake news as real coverage.

It is so important that we are careful with what we accept as real. This proves CNN and BBC are out to deceive and trick people as to what is presented as news.

We need to do everything we can to make sure this video is shared and the masses see it. People can no longer be susceptible to the #FakeNews that CNN is pushing. Do your part to help us spread the message. Like and share this story on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

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