Video surfaced of CNN reporter Jim Acosta chopping the arm of a White House intern. Now CNN accuses Sarah Sanders of posting a doctored video to make Acosta look bad.

CNN Vice President for Communications Matt Dornic called Sanders out on Twitter:

“You manipulated this video. The lies never end.”

Wednesday evening Acosta was suspended from covering the White House because of the assault.

There are plenty of images and video that shows Acosta hacking the intern's arm and knocking her off balance in order to keep his microphone.

The White House press secretary posted a video clip along with zoom images of the act. The woman was briefly knocked off balance by the chop from Acosta.

Here is the video Sanders posted:

Here is where Dornic called Sanders a liar on Twitter:

CNN Accuses Sarah Sanders of Posting Edited Video

Then Brian Stelter of CNN accused Sanders of using a video clip provided by InfoWars:

Stelter also retweeted someone accusing Sanders of posting an edited video.

Khalil Abdallah took things a step further and pretended that Acosta didn't even touch her.

Yossi Gestetner came back to Twitter with a rebuttal which clearly shows Acosta hack the intern's arm and she gets thrown off balance.

Take your punishment and move on, Jim Acosta. You were clearly out of line with what you did.

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