If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will make tax hikes on the wealthy to raise billions of dollars. So Hillary Clinton's tax hikes would kill how many jobs?

Clinton's Tax Hikes Would Kill How Many Jobs

Well, according to a non-partisan think tank in DC, The Tax Foundation, over the next decade her tax plan would devastate the job market. It would get rid of almost 700,000 jobs. This number was determined by a static analysis. This analysis assumes nothing else changes, so it is strictly analyzing the results of the changes made by her tax plan. There will be new taxes on higher earners, more taxes on people with million dollar income, and a change on the estate tax.

Why would these taxes get rid of jobs? These taxes take away the incentive to work, save and invest. As a result the Democrat's tax proposals would completely slow down economic growth.

Clinton's Tax Hikes Would Kill How Many Jobs?

So to be exact, Hillary Clinton's tax plan would get rid of 697,000 jobs over the next decade. Additional to that, it would also lower wages by 2%.

One thing The Tax Foundation's analysis agreed with Hillary on, is that this would certainly target the goal of targeting the rich. It will reduce the top 1%'s wages by almost 7%. Additional to that, it will also increase earnings for the lower brackets modestly.

When all things are considered, every income group would be worse off as a result of her changes. The higher taxes will slow down commerce which is bad for everyone. This study shows that the Robin Hood method of government simply does not work. Recent years have also proved that this style of governing is doomed to fail.

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