The fallout from Hillary's election loss is getting worse and worse. Now Clinton donors demand an investigation and want to know how she blew $1.5 billion in donations.

Clinton Donors Demand Answers

Clinton Donors Demand an Investigation - How Did She Blow $1.5 Billion in Donations?

How did Hillary Clinton spend $1.5 billion in campaign resources?

Hillary hosted a party in New York to thank her donors. Only problem was the only donors who were invited were those who donated at least $1 million. Even at this event, she did not take any accountability. She blamed James Comey and Vladimir Putin.

As a result, the donors want her campaign to be fully investigated. They want facts as to how she spent the $1.5 billion in donations during the final months of the campaign. They want to see receipts and how her polling data was so far from being correct.

The Russian hacking story isn't flying with her donors. They simply are not buying it. The fundraisers are cutting off their funds until the truth is revealed. Comey and Putin is simply not a good enough answer for them. They need more.

Instead of providing facts, they are simply slinging mud. Just recently, Bill Clinton insulted Donald Trump's intelligence. “Trump doesn’t know much,” Bill Clinton said of Trump. “One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.”

Bill is just doing what he does best. Keeping it racist and gender oriented.

Like and share on Facebook if you are curious as to what exactly they did with $1.5 billion dollars. An investigation has to happen to make them accountable for their actions. To make this happen, the Clinton donors demand an investigation.

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