Clay Travis Exposes Jemele Hill’s Stupidity – VIDEO

Sports commentator Clay Travis exposes Jemele Hill’s stupidity on live video. Hill made a tweet attacking the advertisers of the Dallas Cowboys and Clay knew exactly what to do with it.

This was simply too easy for Clay Travis. On behalf of Jemele Hill, who knows what the heck she was thinking when she attacks the advertisers that make her paycheck possible.

Here are Hill’s tweets.

Here is the video where Clay Travis goes in on Jemele Hill.

Per Daily Caller:

“This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Travis said of Hill’s tweet during a live video. “I don’t know whether Jemele Hill is so stupid that she doesn’t understand how her salary is paid or she is intentionally trying to get fired.”

As Travis pointed out, many of the Cowboys advertisers are also advertisers on Hill’s show and on ESPN in general, meaning she was calling for a boycott of her own advertisers.

“If you are in the industry we are in your salary is either paid by advertisers or by the NFL,” he explained. “I don’t have any sympathy for Jemele Hill. If you attack the advertisers … what other choice does ESPN have?”

When it comes to the NFL protesting, from Colin Kaepernick kneeling to Al Sharpton’s boycott, Travis labels the whole ordeal a “rabbit hole of absurdity.”


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