During an MSNBC interview with Kasie Hunt Chuck Schumer can't name one Democrat who could beat Trump in 2020.

On top of that, Chuck Schumer couldn't even name the leader of the Democratic Party. Why do you think that is? Could it be because the Democratic Party doesn't have a leader? Unless you count the complete nut named Maxine Waters.

Kasie Hunt: “I would like one very short answer to this question. Who in the Democratic party can beat President Trump in 2020?”

Schumer: “Lots of people.”

Hunt: “One name?”

Schumer: “Not gonna pick a name, but if he continues–

Hunt: “Who’s the leader of the Democratic party? You?”

Schumer: “Well we have a bunch of leaders. You know, I certainly am the leader of the Senate and I try to help represent the Democratic party.”

Chuck Schumer Can't Name One Democrat Who Could Beat Trump

After Schumer fails to to come up with a leader for the Democratic Party. He does say that if Trump continues for the next two years as he has started the first 100 days, the Democratic Party will be able to reclaim the Senate.

“It’s much too premature to handicap 2020, but I’ll tell you this. If the president continues in the rest of his first two years as he did in his first 100 days, there is a chance we could take back the Senate.”

Maybe he could have been offered the chance to name some of the candidates who could help the left win back the Senate. That way he could have went 0 for 3 and got the hat trick.

The Democratic Party is a complete dumpster fire! They are pushing a message that is very anti-American, anti-white, pro-Islam and pro-globalist. The last election showed that Americans are sick and tired of the failed policies of the left. America wants jobs and growth, something that the left is not able to provide and something President Trump is working hard to deliver.

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