Leave it to the left to shove their agenda down your throat, and not care who it chokes. It's not just in America, either. It's happening all around the world.

A 10-year-old South London girl, along with one of her classmates, has been suspended from school for a week because she asked for permission to be excused from participating in the LGBT lesson for "Pride Month." Now she is speaking out about her experience, and the real dangers of this ideology.

“Before anybody knew what LGBT meant, everybody knew what gender they were,” Kaysey said, “But now people are confused and they’re saying that they’re bisexual and trans because they’re confused.”

“Before this happened, they were completely confident of who they were but now they’re not,” she added. “It’s really affecting other kids because now they’re losing confidence in [them]selves and looking at [them]selves and asking, ‘Why am I this person? Why can’t I be someone else?’”

“Before all this happened, people knew who they were,” the 10-year-old concluded, “School children are now facing the choice of what gender they are by the age of four.”

Susan Papas, the teacher who suspended the children from Heavers Farmer Primary School, has been reported for the unlawful act.

Lifesite News reports:

On June 20, Farrell, sitting next to his friend Kaysey in class, asked his year 5 class teacher, “Sir, please may I not take part in this lesson?” when the teacher handed out LGBT material for colouring. The teacher refused permission saying that the LGBT lesson was part of the curriculum.

After class, the form teacher is said to have accused Farrell of using “homophobic language” for allegedly saying, “LGBT sucks and LGBT’s dumb,” which the child denies.

Farrell, who was sitting with female pupil Kasey says he is a Christian and told a “visitor teacher” he did not “accept LGBT” because of his religion.

The teacher asked the two children, “Do you want them to die?” “We said no,” Farrell replied. If, however, they went back to their countries, they would be punished for being gay, Farrell told the teacher.

The teacher asked Farrell where he was from. Farrell said he was of “African Jamaican” heritage, and because there “everybody is Christian and Catholic, so they don’t accept LGBT.”

Later, Ms Papas shouted at the two children in front of the class, according to Kaysey. “How dare you? You are a disappointment to the school,” Papas told the two children outside the classroom.

Papas then put the children in different rooms and asked Kasey [sic]: “How dare you say that you want to kill LGBT people?” Kasey [sic] replied: “I didn’t say kill.” Papas then shouted at her and said, “Yes, you did, and don’t lie.”

Kaysey, a pentecostal Christian, says she was kept in detention for five hours from 10am to 3pm.

The girls' recount of what happened is different that how the teacher describes. However, the other students in the class are backing Kaysey and Farrell's version of the story.

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