Chelsea Clinton Wishes Church Of Satan A Happy New Year

Okay, 2018 just took a weird turn. Not just Trump and Kim Jong Un. On Twitter Chelsea Clinton wishes the Church of Satan a happy new year.

So how does something like this happen?

The Church of Satan is a verified Twitter account with almost 150,000 followers. They tweeted to Chelsea Clinton and model Chrissy Tiegen,”The never ending excitement here is never ending.”

To make sense of it you need to go back a step further. Teagan and her husband, singer John Legend, once threatened to sue an online conspiracy theorist who claimed the couple was a part of the pedophilia scandal “pizzagate.”

Chelsea Clinton rushed to the defense of her friend.

When the Church of Satan joined the conversation Tiegen tweetd back,”what. is. happening.”

The Twittersphere was enjoying the exchange.

How did Hooters get involved? Who the heck knows. They did say this:

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