Some things never change. Here is more Chelsea Clinton stupidity. This time she connects women's reproductive health rights to climate change. Wow!

You know, the left loves to blame everything on climate change. For example, Islamic terrorism.

What about the poverty issues this country is facing? Of course that's because of climate change.

This latest claim by Chelsea Clinton takes the bar of stupidity even higher. She promoted a Washington Post article written by John Podesta and Timothy Wirth. The article is titled, "Women's Rights Issues Are Climate Change Issues."

The article advises women to have abortions and have few children. Why? Because the global population is out of control.

Via Washington Post:

When we talk about stepping up to address climate change across the world, we rarely think of it in terms of women’s rights. But if environmental activists really want to reduce emissions, raise living standards and build a more sustainable future, they cannot overlook the importance of reproductive rights and health.

Forging a coalition between the environmental movement and the women’s rights movement will not only fundamentally advance women’s rights but also do a world of good for the planet, which is bearing an environmental burden because of population growth.

Population projection experts estimate a worst-case scenario in which we grow by 70 percent and reach a population of 13 billion people by the end of the century. But if we continue to invest in sensible international family-planning programs and accept the challenge of meeting the needs of women and families, we could potentially stabilize the population at below 10 billion.

Giving women across the globe access to reproductive rights and health is a moral imperative. Too many women in too many places, including the United States, still have unmet demands for access to family-planning resources. Estimates indicate that more than 200 million women want to prevent or delay pregnancy but aren’t using effective contraception. Access to reproductive health services can ensure women have more autonomy over their lives and bodies and ultimately help move the world toward greater gender parity.
In fact, family planning ranks as one of the 10 most substantive solutions to climate change, according to a recent analysis of peer-reviewed research. In addition to being cost-effective from an emissions reduction perspective, the co-benefits to women and families across the globe are enormous.
The mother of two, Chelsea Clinton, agrees. Because she is of the elitist population, she can have children. Other women should pass on this right to help "save the planet" from "climate change." Talk about insanity.

She tweeted about the article:

Twitter exploded:

Time and time again Chelsea Clinton says something completely idiotic on Twitter and gets eviscerated. It never gets old, either.

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