Chelsea Clinton just got busted in a big way. She was preparing to board her private jet. She proved like mother like daughter. Check out the video.

More for me, less for you is the mantra that Chelsea Clinton has been carrying out. The Clintons claim to support clean energy.  Well does someone who supports clean energy jump in a plane for a 20 minute plane ride?

Where was Chelsea going in this plane? She was going to the Clean Energy Roundtable. She took a private jet from Greenville, SC to Asheville, NC. So instead of an hour drive, she takes a jet on a 20 minute flight. Burned up all of the fuel and proved she has no concern about the environment or clean energy.

Chelsea Clinton: Like Mother Like Daughter

Chelsea is no longer off limits. She is the daughter of the Democratic nominee and is now fair game for acts like this. This is what the Clintons do. They say one thing and do another. Banning guns is something they want to do, yet their guards are armed to the teeth. Additional to that, they support clean energy and want to end coal. Then they go on 20 minute flights.

It is time to put and end to the Hillary Clinton lies and failed promises. Like and share on Facebook to expose the crooked Clintons.

Chelsea Clinton: Like Mother Like Daughter

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