Everyone once in a while, Chelsea Clinton likes to remind the world how dumb she is. This time, Chelsea Clinton falls for Steve Bannon's trolling. This confirms she is still as dumb as a brick.

She showed outrage over a joke that Steve Bannon made about Sean Spicer. The mainstream media lost their minds when Sean Spicer held a press conference with no audio and no video. Jim Acosta of CNN went nuts and called Sean Spicer "useless."

Social media went nuts after a remark Bannon made. Bannon responded by an inquiry about the no audio, no video press conference by saying, "Sean got fatter." When there were follow up questions Bannon did not respond.

It was pretty obvious that Steve Bannon was messing around. Too bad Chelsea Clinton was too dumb to figure out. Instead, she unleashed hell on her Twitter account. How many of her assistants helped her come up with this tweet? The words are obviously too big to be coming from Chelsea.

Chelsea Clinton Falls For Steve Bannon's Trollling

Right after Chelsea posted this tweet, she was blasted by Breitbart's White House Correspondent Charlie Spiering as it was obviously a joke.

After that many people went off on Chelsea Clinton for her stupidity.



How predictably bad is Chelsea Clinton? It's almost like throwing chum in the water and then predictably Chelsea Clinton emerges to unleash all of the stupidity.

Like and share this story to expose that Chelsea Clinton is still as dumb as a brick. In this instance, Chelsea Clinton falls for Steve Bannon's trolling to prove her ignorance.

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