During a press conference on Monday, Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas held a press conference that destroyed the narrative of the mainstream media.

Thomas stated, "around ten o’clock, the #UniteTheRight attendees began arriving and entering Emancipation Park. We had a plan to bring them in at the rear of the park. They had agreed to cooperate with the plan. Unfortunately they did not follow the plan. They began entering at different locations in and around the park and we had to quickly alter our plans to help facilitate that process.”

Chief Thomas wasn't done. He also made some references to "other groups."

Per Daily Wire:

Other groups also began amassing along the street and in the park. Gradually, the crowd sizes increased along with aggressiveness and hostility of attendees toward one another. Shortly before 11 a.m., individuals in the crowd began throwing objects and spraying chemical agents into the crowd. The city and county then made a declaration of “local emergency.” The crowd size became increasingly violent, with mutually engaged combatants, with one-on-one attacks following.

When a reporter asked: “Do you believe that one side was more responsible than the other for instigating the violence?" Thomas replied: “This was an alt-right rally.”

The reporter pressed further: “Do you believe that they're the ones who instigated the fighting?”

Thomas answered: “We did have mutually combating individuals in the crowd.”

Watch the video.

Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas

Obviously, the alt-right wasn't the only group bringing violence to this event. It seems that anyone who suggested this was getting criticized harshly.

New York Times reporter Sheryl Gas Stolberg tweeted “the hard left seemed as hate-filled as alt-right. I saw club-wielding ‘antifa’ beating white nationalists being led out of the park,” and was subsequently attacked for making this statement.

At this point, Stolberg backed off and sent out another tweet.

This is not to take away from the disgusting actions of the white supremacists. Just because the alt-right is hateful and violent does not mean anyone who opposes them is good and peaceful. That is the false narrative that much of the left has been pushing since this tragedy occurred.

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