Normally conservatives believe in leaving parenting to the parents. But this Charlize Theron story challenges that stance in a big way. It is challenging that stance as much as the publicly funded "drag queen story hour" that targeted children.

During an interview, actress Charlize Theron made the news by declaring she has been raising her 7-year-old boy as a girl. Why? Because as a 3-year-old the boy declared, "I am not a boy."

There were some spicy responses to this on Twitter. Some of them made some excellent points about the judgement of 3-year-olds.

This more complete insanity from the Hollywood left. Anyone who has spent ten minutes around a 3-year-old knows how much crazy stuff they say in a day. Because as a toddler, for a moment, this young boy thought he was not a boy, now he has "switched" to being a girl. This is such a sad situation.

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