When it comes to the so-called medical experts and the coronavirus, there is no longer any consistent agreement.

Even between the CDC, the World Health Organization, and other experts on the Task Force, there are so many conflicting opinions that it's difficult to know what to believe anymore.

The WHO said that we should not do lockdowns anymore, but there are some still doing lockdowns and thinking they're best.

But the recent message we're not getting now is that masks aren't even effective at protecting the wearer. Here is what the CDC said,

"CDC guidance on masks has clearly stated that wearing a mask is intended to protect other people in case the mask wearer is infected. At no time has CDC guidance suggested that masks were intended t protect the wearers."

This is an altogether different message than what we've had in the past from CDC Director Dr. Redfield.

Tucker Carlson spoke on the matter this week, take a look.

In response, Carlson said: "The spokesman didn't dispute that we showed accurate data from the CDC, including that 85% of people who tested positive for coronavirus in July reported wearing a mask always or often."

Carlson pointed out that CDC Director Robert Redfield had told lawmakers last month that he "might even go so far as to say that this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine," an apparent contradiction of the spokesperson's claim about the agency's guidance.

"This is the CDC? They are protecting us from this pandemic?" Carlson asked."They don't even know what their own director is saying.

"But whatever you do, don't question public health experts," he added. "Facebook and Twitter and Google will shut you down. Just put your mask on and obey."

This has become the norm and the social media giants are soon going to pay for it. At this point, I think both Republicans and Democrats are in favor of breaking up Facebook and Twitter and believe in further regulating them as well as other tech giants like Google.

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