On Tuesday morning at 7 a.m., CBS News reported on a new poll with results into Robert Mueller's investigation. Except CBS passes on reporting on their poll.

The poll asks Americans whether they think the investigation is justified or if it is politically motivated. 53% say the investigation is politically motivated, while 44 think it is justified.

So the poll determined that the majority of Americans think it's politically charged and not justified. CBS spent money on creating this poll, but chose not to report on the results. No worries, Sean Hannity  stepped up at Fox News.

Sean Hannity: According to a brand-new CBS News poll, more Americans now think, rightly so, Robert Mueller's witch-hunt is, in fact, politically motivated. Now, this comes as the mainstream, destroy Trump media continues to do Mueller's bidding.

Now, according to NewsBusters, get this, CBS, NBC spent a combined 30 seconds on the recent beat-down last Friday of the special counsel investigation from a federal judge. And meanwhile, President Trump's poll numbers, they're rising. This despite a NewsBusters study showing that network news broadcasts in this country featured negative stories about the president 90 percent of the time. Wow.

Tucker Carlson reported on it as well.

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, a new poll from CBS finds that the majority of Americans, 53 percent, now view special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation as a politically motivated operation.

And you can see why they might conclude that. The Democratic Party seems to be agreeing with that interpretation and adding to it. Recent fund- raising emails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have lied about the investigation itself. They have claimed that if the party can collect 1 million signatures, it will somehow force President Trump to give testimony to Mueller's investigators because that's how it works.

CBS was kind enough to report on a CNN poll. They reported on Melania Trump's approval rating. It has risen ten points to 57% since January. She just released her Be Best campaign which aims to help with critical issues children face.

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