How can CBS News not see its own bias here? They will do anything to transition the narrative of a story in order to make the Trump administration look bad. When they are creating content, they clearly look at President Trump's policy and make sure the report will not be viewed as backing them, regardless of the facts.

With their only mission being to make President Trump look bad, they have went to the length of turning human traffickers into saints. These human traffickers are profiting off of the desperation of people, yet they frame them into someone who is doing something positive. Why? Because if they were honest they would be siding with President Trump.

In the eyes of CBS News, they are "helping." Instead of reporting the truth and calling them out for profiting off of desperation, helping them enter our country illegally and taking them into life-threatening conditions, they are actually humanitarians.

A few of their readers called them out for their insane take on the situation:

People compared this story to how CBS News might have framed other historic events.

Nevermind that these human traffickers are helping people enter a country illegally. According to CBS they are "helping."

Meanwhile they are demonizing Chick-fil-A and keep them from selling delicious chicken sandwiches. But the human traffickers? They are heroes!

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