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Lena Dunham is Skinny Because of Trump

Hollywood feminist Lena Dunham recently was on the Howard Stern show. So it appears Lena Dunham is skinny because of Trump. Or so she says. Lena Dunham is Skinny “Donald Trump became president and I stopp...
Patriots TE Refuses to Meet Trump, martellus bennett, president trump, white house

Patriots TE Refuses to Meet Trump

New England Patriots TE refuses to meet Trump. Martellus Bennett already said he will not go to the White House with the team. He simply said, "I don't support the guy that's in the house." Directly after th...
Trump Economy Continues to Surge, gdp, job growth,

Trump Economy Continues to Surge

It's no secret that the economy was a disaster under President Obama. With that behind us, the Trump Economy continues to surge. Look at the numbers. President Trump has added over 246,000 new jobs. It was pred...