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Happy no collusion day

The witch hunt is finally over. And to celebrate, hundreds of Trump supporters gather in New York City to celebrate “Happy No Collusion Day.” 

John Brennan Tweet

The left has been frantically waiting for the Mueller report to come out and for President Trump’s life to be ruined. Count John Brennan among those.

Rep. Eric Swalwell Melts Down Over Mueller Report

Rep. Eric Swalwell has made a fool of himself multiple times. Well, he’s back at it. He broke down and had a meltdown on CNN over the Mueller report.

Trump laughing, mueller report, nothingburger

It’s look like this has been the case for a while, but the “top Democrats” are finally admitting that the Mueller report is likely a “dud.” Yeah, to those following the Mueller investigation this has been pretty obvious, but sometimes the left needs time to catch up. It’s been months or even years since most …

Trevor Noah on President Trump

“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah addressed the mass shootings in New Zealand last week and of course drew the conclusion President Trump was responsible.

Nancy Pelosi Sets a Date to Override President Trump's Veto - March 26

On Friday President Trump signed his first veto when 12 Republicans voted with Democrats to block his National Emergency declaration. In response, Nancy Pelosi has set a date to override President Trump’s veto. Pelosi announced that March 26 will be the date that she is going to try to override President Trump’s veto. This emergency …

Founder of Florida Massage Parlor

The founder of the Florida massage parlor, Orchids of Asia Day Spa & Massage, was at Mar-a-Lago rooting for the New England Patriots alongside President Trump. Li Yang shared a photo of herself at the event. It took place just two weeks before Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with two misdemeanor counts of solicitation …

The Mueller Report

How is this possibly legal? There are copies of the Mueller report being sold on Amazon right now, with the release date being March 26. Once Mueller is finished with his report he is to submit it to Attorney General William Barr. From there Barr will determine if any of it is to be made …

Oscars Waste No Time Going Political

Well, that was quick. The Oscars waste no time going political. The exact reason why many of us did not tune in. Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler attacked President Trump in record time. The show kicked off with a performance from Queen. “American Idol” star Adam Lambert stepped in at vocals for Freddy …

Stepdad Charged With Felony After Slapping a 12-year-old Boy, James Peace

James Peace, the 37-year-old stepdad, has been charged with a felony after slapping a 12-year-old boy in the face for bullying his stepdaughter. The altercation happened on February 14. Peace was called by his stepdaughter to be picked up from school after she had been bullied. At first his daughter was walking home but she …


Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe stated that he believes “it’s possible” that President Trump is a secret Russian agent. While doing an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, McCabe was asked, “Do you still believe the President could be a Russian asset?” “I think it’s possible,” McCabe responded. “I think that’s why we started …

Donald Trump Jr. Tears Into Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin claimed that President Trump’s criticism of SNL constituted a threat to his family. In response Donald Trump Jr. tears into the actor. Baldwin is well-known for his parody of President Trump he regularly performs on SNL. President Trump slammed the sketch and also blasted “Fake News NBC.” Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night …

beto o'rourke rally

The left is determined to push Beto O’Rourke, despite his inability to attract voters. In his attempted counter rally to President Trump’s rally, he was drowned out by music that was coming from a Trump rally a quarter mile away. 69,000 people signed up for President Trump’s rally in El Paso, Texas. Meanwhile, O’Rourke hosted …

Lauren Sanchez's Pro-Trump Brother Michael

It has been revealed that Lauren Sanchez’s pro-Trump brother Michael is the person who leaked the sexts between his sister and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to the National Enquirer. There were multiple sources from AMI, who is the parent company of National Enquirer, who confirmed to Daily Beast that Michael was who blew their cover. …

FBI Goons Forced Roger Stone's Wife

The Robert Mueller Special Counsel sent 20+ armed FBI goons in six vehicles accompanied by a CNN camera crew to film the arrest of Trump associate Roger Stone. This happened during a predawn raid on Friday. When he was arrested Stone was taken out of his apartment barefoot and in shorts. While being interviewed on …

Democrats Once Supported and Paid for a Border Wall

Further proof of the hypocrisy of the left. They now claim building a wall on the US border wall is immoral. They didn’t always feel this way. Democrats once supported and paid for a border wall along the Mexico border. Except it was their southern border with Guatemala. The left hates when we bring up …

CNN Reporter David Shortell

Before the sun came out Friday morning, President Trump confidant Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI. CNN reporter David Shortell somehow knew to be there and film the arrest. Stunningly, Shortell claims he was not tipped off and that he just happened to be there on a “gut instinct.” Stone was not arrested on …

You Can Now 'Send a Brick' to Pelosi or Schumer

President Trump’s push for the border wall is going to the next level. People are now able to “send a brick” to either Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. President Trump is not backing down from his signature campaign promise. He is pushing for $5.7 billion to construct a wall along the border and the Democrats …