There was an estimated number of over 2,000 people marching in Washington DC as part of the Candace Owens Blexit movement. Near the end of the demonstration, one of the members led the group in the singing of the national anthem.

Owens stated this moment was in stark contrast to the actions of the far-left Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black Lives Matter protests end with rioting, looting, and the destruction of minority communities,” Owens captioned her tweet of the anthem singing. “BLEXIT protests end with 2,000+ black and Latino Americans singing the national anthem.”

She also called out the mainstream media, stating this is a beautiful moment they "won't report on."

More on the story from Daily Wire:

Hundreds of Black Lives Matter protests have given way to violence in recent months, according to a Princeton Study ironically highlighting the movement’s general peacefulness. The study found that the left-wing protesters were violent about 570 times in over 220 locations across the country while demonstrating against alleged racial injustices.

Princeton University group studies 3 months of Black Lives Matter protests. [The] intent is to show they are ‘overwhelmingly peaceful,’” reported Byron York. “But [the] report reveals nearly 570 violent demonstrations–riots–in nearly 220 locations spread all across country.” 

The BLEXIT event on Saturday focused on support for law enforcement officials — again in stark contrast with the BLM movement, which has explicitly called for the defunding of police nationally.

Candace Owens correctly predicted the mainstream media would ignore this Blexit movement. She also went public stating she would provide financial assistance for anyone who is hoping to attend but could not afford it.

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