You may have already heard that after 30 years on television, the hit TV show 'COPS' is being canceled because it has police in it and I guess this is offensive all of a sudden now.

I grew up watching this show, and I'm sure many of you did the same. But snowflakes are upset about it so the show is being canceled all because of the death of George Floyd.

There is also another show that is a police docu-series, 'Live PD', and it was the most-watched cable show on Friday and Saturday nights. Well, it's gone too.

Earlier in the Paramount network pulled Cops from its schedule last week responding to anti-police sentiment coming from the Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Cops originally aired in 1989 on Fox and was a massive hit, running for 25 seasons. When Fox canceled the series Spike TV, owned by paramount, picked the show back up for seven more seasons.

Paramount announced this week that they will no longer air any more episodes of Cops.

"'COPS' is not on the Paramount Network and we don’t have any current or future plans for it to return,” a network spokesperson told multiple outlets on Tuesday.

On June 5th, A&E pulled episodes of the hit series and Dan Abrams, the show's host announced they would not air new episodes last weekend to be sensitive to the Black Lives Matter protests. Fans of the show had mixed feelings, some thought it was the right thing to do, others didn’t agree, all, however, hoped the show would continue.

After Paramount announced Cops would be canceled Abrams wrote on Twitter, “To all of you asking whether #LivePD coming back. . .The answer is yes. All of us associated with the show are as committed to it as ever. We are still discussing some specifics but I want to assure the #LivePDNation that we are not abandoning you.”

“And to be clear as I have said on my @SXMPOTUS show, you can both support the important and impactful peaceful protests and support the overwhelming majority of police officers doing the noble and difficult work they do every day,” Abrams concluded.

LIVE PD follows police officers live – on a 15-minute delay – for three hours on Friday and Saturday nights weekly. The show has turned some local officers into national celebrities as the show documents what officers face on a daily basis. Other instances on the show have resulted in police officers being called out for violating civil rights. The show was so popular that on Friday and Saturday nights it would trend on social media. 

You may not like Dan Abrams politics (founder of mediate) but he is steadfast in supporting law enforcement and despises the cancel culture. Abrams is so fired up that he’s even calling people out on social media.

The hope that Live Pd would return lasted about 24 hours when the network shocked everyone and canceled their most successful show.

One sad thing about losing Live PD is that the National Center for Missing Children aired 100 cases of missing children and thanks to the awareness from the show almost half were recovered. But once again, liberals don't care about stuff like that. They act based solely on emotions.

It won't be long before any videos involving police are removed from YouTube as well.

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